Protein Powder

How to Choose the Best Cheap Protein Powder

Have you ever just spent months in the gym , training like a beast and thinking it’ll all payback in the end but sadly when the end comes all you’ve burned is excess fat with no prominent gain in your “guns” whatsoever? You must have felt disappointed but then at night someone emailed you an insane workout video of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and suddenly you felt an intense motivational feel crawl up your spine and the next day you’re at the gym again, working like hell but the results still didn’t change.

Simply working hard isn’t enough. Someone did email you the workout video but do you know what The Rock eats?

Yes, diet plays a huge part in muscle gain. Simply eating more never works. The body needs an excess amount of protein to heal and build the muscles.

Fortunately, to put you at ease and to help you focus on the important stuff rather than make you go through the nutrition table of every item you eat, the market offers pure protein in the form of protein powders.

Protein Powders:

Protein Powders are, as the name suggests, a protein supplement which is used by fitness fanatics all over the world to gain muscle faster and better. These powders are raw protein and are readily accepted by the body .These come in various forms that include soy, casein and the most popular water-soluble milk-protein Whey.

Whey protein powder supplements are an enormous help to build up rapidly with an expansion of muscle tissue, be that as it may, once in a while the costs are not that accommodating. Getting the actual best protein powder is important in light of the fact that the nature of the powder influences how better the protein powder functions, and how great the complex can be for you.

Naturally everybody goes for the product that is cheaper yet still delivers exceptionally.

Cheapest Protein Powder

However finding the best and cheap protein powder isn’t easy (find out some here ).

The market has a number of brands in store for you but you want the one that fits all your needs. If you’re a beginner then the number one tip to choose the best and cheap protein powder is to check for the product that offers the best protein per scoop ratio. This means your product should have more amount of protein for less amount of powder.

The second thing is amount of servings. If you don’t plan on spending time at the gym after the summers than don’t go and buy more than 2 months of supply. This rule also applies if you’re a really picky eater. It will surely save you a lot of cash.

The next thing is its flavor. Choose the flavor wisely as if its not something you can intake everyday then choosing the wrong flavor will surely be discomforting to your taste buds and cost you unnecessary cash.

Always when buying plan ahead because you don’t want to miss out on any sales thinking you wont be needing this in the future and end up needing it when the prices go back up.

Why You Should Supplement With Casein Protein

Protein and casein supplements have gained a lot of popularity over the past several years. Not only do they taste great, but they provide your body with the exact amino profile it needs to build a lean healthy frame. While whey protein gets most of the attention, casein protein should also be part of your supplementation schedule.Since proteins are the building blocks towards muscle growth, many bodybuilding supplements use a lot of different types of proteins in order to effectively keep your muscle growth to a maximum. One of the primary proteins that people use is called “Casein” and it is found in a large number of bodybuilding supplements.

Where does Casein Protein Come From?

Casein comes from dairy products, usually extracted from milk and cheese. During the curdling process, the casein proteins are removed, which allows them to be safely harvested for these bodybuilding supplements. Some companies use chemicals to complete this process, but it is better to use a company that extracts them naturally because harsh chemicals can actually make it harder to process the nutrients.

Casein proteins can come in both a high and a low grade, where the low grade proteins are generally less expensive than the high grade, but also less effective. The main difference between high and low grade is the speed to which they are processed in your body, with the lower grade proteins taking longer to reach your muscles, making them slightly less effective. Still, both high and low grade casein is useful for keeping your muscles large.

What do Casein Proteins Do?

Casein proteins are muscle food. When your body uses up most of its protein in your high intensity workout, casein proteins give your body nutrients back, so that your new muscle cells do not starve and die away. The sooner you can get your muscles the proteins the better, as cells start to slowly shrink the moment that you stop working out.

You have most likely heard of whey protein, but not casein protein. What is casein protein and why should you use it?

Both whey protein and casein protein are derived from milk. The difference between the two is that whey protein is a fast digesting protein and is typically used before or after a workout.

Casein protein is a slow digesting protein, making it a perfect choice for using before going to bed.

Casein comes from 80% of total milk protein, as opposed to 20% of total milk protein for whey protein. Casein protein is made through ultra-filtration, which completely separates and uses the protein from the milk. This protein is very easy for your body to digest.

Casein protein can take your body up to 8 hours to metabolize and digest, thus, making it a slow acting protein. During these 8 hours, your body is being provided with the amino acids that it needs. This is invaluable to your body, especially when taken before going to bed. While you are sleeping your body is able to slowly release the amino acids over an extended period of time. This helps your muscles by protecting them while you sleep.

Studies have shown that the longer it takes your body to digest the proteins, the more efficiently your body can absorb the nutrients. This makes casein protein an excellent source of protein for recovery purposes. Casein is also less likely to be stored as fat because of the amount of time that it takes your body to digest it. What a terrific added bonus!

Casein protein supplements come in powder form and are simple to make. Simply mix it with skim milk (for added protein) or water and shake! Tada! Your casein protein supplement is ready in only a few minutes. It is nice not to be bothered with time-consuming snack making before bed. Check the best casein protein supplements here

If you are looking to add muscle, loose weight, or both, getting enough protein in your diet is essential. Protein supplements can give your body the exact protein it needs at exactly the right time. Try adding a serving of whey protein right after your workout and a serving of casein protein right before bed for the next 60 days and I am sure you will see a major change in the way your body looks.
Because casein proteins are known to be one of the best amino acids for your muscles to receive, you are not only getting protein into your muscles – you are also getting the right kind of protein into your muscles. Casein protein is sure to help stimulate your muscle growth and keep them healthy, which is why so many bodybuilders choose to take supplements that have high casein levels in order to make sure that their bodies get all of the proteins they need as soon as the workout is over.